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SOBK Bookkeeping Services Ltd

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KashFlow Accounting Software - the perfect online solution

Existing KashFlow users can log-in here


There are many accounting software packages on the market but few of them are available to both PC and MAC users.

Kashflow is just such a program and will work from any machine that has internet access through a web browser. They are able to do this because all your information is maintained on a safe and secure remote server so you don’t have to worry about loading programs on your machines or installing numerous updates.

What’s better is that if your bookkeeper/accountant is a Kashflow Partner, they also have instant access to your data—so you don’t have to wait until you next see them to ask a question!

Click on the link below for a short tour of the program.

There are two ways to get hold of Kashflow—both of which offer a completely without-obligation trial (you don’t even have to give them any credit card details!)

SOBK Client or Potential Client

If you are already a client of SOBK or would like us to do your books for you then you can download the 60-day trial by clicking on the left-hand link below.

The benefit of this is that not only can SOBK look after your bookkeeping and payroll needs but we both have instant access to the information. You can even log in to your account directly from the SOBK homepage!

Software Only

If you just want to try (and buy!) the software then download the 60-day trial by clicking the right-hand link below. Enter promotional code AFF2101044 if prompted.

You can always come back to us at a later date if you want us to help with your bookkeeping and payroll needs (whether you decide to use Kashflow or not!).

SOBK Clients/Potential Clients

Software Only

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